Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Peninsula Friends of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

Senator Tommy Norment * Delegate Gordon Helsel * Delegate Rick Morris  

Delegate Brenda Pogge * Delegate Mike Watson * Delegate David Yancey

Sheriff J. D. "Danny" Diggs * Honorable Ben Hahn

Dick Ashe * Bobby Ashe * Bart & Gail Barton * Robert Beck * Mickey Chohany * Glen Davenport

Greg & Libby Garrett *  Bob & Shelly Fitzgerald * Tom & Nancy Inman * Richard Locke

Jack & Muriel Greenhalgh * Tom & Ann Hunnicutt, III * Randall & Terri Hudgins * Bill Smith

Terry & Patti Hall * Lewis McMurran, IIII * Mike & Kathy Melo * Tom & Donna Morr

Rick & Cathy Pearce * Phil Richardson * Bo Roberson * Ward Scull * Bibb & Pam Swain * Jeff Wassmer

Chip & Tamzen Trieshmann * Dwight & Barbara West * Charles & Sandra Young

Cordially invite you to a Reception honoring

Ken Cuccinelli

Attorney General (VA)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5:30 p.m.  Private Reception & Photo op with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

6:15 p.m. – 8 p.m.  General Reception

Held at the home of
Greg & Libby Garrett
122 Sandbox Lane
Yorktown, Virginia 23692

Hope you will join us for “Oysters, Seafood and BBQ” !!


Checks should be made payable to “Cuccinelli for Governor”

Please mail to P.O. Box 1715, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Or call (757) 344-8518 or Email: or Fax: this form to (757) 491-7143

Yes, I/we would like to support Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for Governor as follows:

________ $  5,000   Benefactor — 10 reservations to Private Reception/photo op  & General Reception

________ $   2,500   Sponsor—  8 Reservations to  Private Reception/photo op & General Reception

_______   $  1,000   Patron—  4 Reservations to the Private Reception/photo op & General Reception

_______   $      500   Co-Host – Per Couple 2 reservations to the Private Reception/photo op & General Reception

________ $      250   Friend—   Includes Private Reception/Photo op and General Reception __ Reservations

________ $        75    Individual- General Reception only  ___ Reservations  

_______ No, I/We will not be able to attend but would like to contribute $_______



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Political contributions are not tax-deductible charitable contributions.  Corporate contributions are permitted. With any contribution of over $100 in a calendar year, it is required to list the employer and occupation of the donor

Paid for and authorized by Cuccinelli for Governor

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Support Del. Mike Watson

Delegate Mike Watson Campaign Event Invitation
Golf / Dinner or Both


Join in supporting Delegate Mike Watson in his reelection campaign for 2013  
Second Annual District Golf Tournament & Seafood Buffet
Visit event page:

 For the Golfers
Sponsor a team and enjoy dinner and prizes - various options available - Call 757-645-5298 or sign up as a single player and get two tickets to the dinner event for $250  (translation: you play golf and still get to take your spouse to dinner)

  For the Non-Golfers
Sponsor a dinner table or purchase a seafood dinner $100 Single, $150 couple
Seafood Buffet, Beer and Wine (non-seafood meals available)    

Special Guest
The Speaker of the House of Delegates, William J. Howell   
Visit <> for details or to order tickets or simply email Campaign Manager Tyler Foote at  <>  

Meet the Speaker of the House of Delegates and other members of Virginia's General Assembly all while supporting Mike & enjoying a day and/or night out! Everyone Welcome! Space is limited so order your tickets today!  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fwd: Please attend the YCRC Meeting tonight and support this resolution !!!

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From: <>
Date: Feb 7, 2013 12:37 AM
Subject: Please attend the YCRC Meeting tonight and support this resolution !!!
To: <>

Here is the resolution l will be proposing:
Whereas, The United States is currently experiencing the worst economic climate since World War II;
Whereas, Taxes on all working Americans have increased as of January 1, 2013;
Whereas, Taxes and economic drag will continue to increase on all Americans due to the impending implementation of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly known as ObamaCare);
Whereas, The York County Board of Supervisors raised the real estate tax rate on the citizens by 12.77% last year;
Whereas, Government in York County has continued to expand despite the current fiscal climate, as evidenced by the current number of County employees, which is the highest in York County's history ;
Whereas, Government spending at all levels continues to increase, and is the primary source of rising government debt; and
Whereas, Historically tax increases have proven to further slow economic activity; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the York County Republican Committee requests the York County Board of Supervisors make whatever spending cuts are needed to prevent further tax increases over the next year.

Greg Garrett
offices in Hpt Rds from Chesapeake to Williamsburg
Licensed in Virginia
cell # 757-879-1504

Please let me know who needs to buy or sell a house

Help Orphans NOW!
(click here)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

York County residents brace for another tax increase

By Amanda Kerr, | 757-247-47334:46 p.m. EST, January 12, 2013
YORK — York County residents may need to brace for another increase in the real estate tax rate based on preliminary 2014 budget scenarios discussed during a York County Board of Supervisors retreat Saturday.
York County Administrator James McReynolds said revenue projections for 2014 look positive for the county, with an estimated $1.67 million in new revenue expected. But possible new expenditures totaling $3.8 million would create a funding gap of $2.12 million, he said.
York County's current 2013 operating budget is $127.2 million, up $4 million from the previous year's budget.

    Other new expenditures would include an estimated $700,000 increase in health insurance costs, $600,000 in additional funding for capital costs and other county expenses and $500,000 associated with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
    One penny on the real estate tax rate equals $875,000. The real estate tax rate would have to be increased by 2.4 cents to close the $2.12 million gap.
    York County school officials are projecting an estimated $2.9 million 2014 budget funding gap, which includes a 2 percent raise for employees. Several School Board members have said they support asking the county for a $2.9 million increase in funding to the school division.
    McReynolds said if the supervisors wanted to provide the school division with an additional $875,000 on top of the money for the 1.5 percent raise, increasing schools funding by $2.22 million, that would create a funding gap of $3 million. To close that gap, he said the countywould need to raise the tax rate by 3.4 cents.
    If the supervisors wanted to give the school division a total of $3.1 million in new funding, including money for the raises, that would create a funding gap for the county of $3.87 million. McReynolds said the tax rate would need to be raised 4.4 cents.
    Board of Supervisors Chairman Walt Zaremba was concerned about increasing the real estate tax rate in the 2014 budget since supervisors just handed down an 8.4-cent rate increase in the 2013 budget. The tax rate is currently 74.15 cents per $100 of assessed value. He asked to see a budget proposal that closes any funding gap with expenditure cuts only.
    Supervisor Don Wiggins felt it was not useful to see a budget with just expenditure cuts because many of them are not realistic, alluding to proposed cuts of 24 firefighters and deputies in the 2013 budget that the supervisors did not approve.
    Supervisor Tom Shepperd supported providing county employees with a raise. He didn't think there was much left the county could cut without affecting services to citizens.
    The supervisors will hold a joint budget work session with the School Board on Feb. 5.McReynolds will release his proposed 2014 budget March 19.