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Fwd: can you meet me tonight at 6:30 pm?

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Subject: can you meet me tonight at 6:30 pm?
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Tonight's Bd of Supervisors meeting is so important...will you meet me there?
The meeting starts at 6:00pm but the 2 public hearings should not start until about 7:00 pm.
These 2 issues may not be "your" issues..... but please come anyway.....
We have to turn the tide in York County... and we cannot do it at YCRC meetings, Tuscany's meetings and by grumbling to each other alone.....we have to show up at "County Hall".
Do you know what the majority of the Bd of Supervisors, led by the 3 long standing members, are likely to do if we do not show up in mass?...........they will keep going down the same liberal path they have been on for the last 10+ years.....
They all say that they are Republicans.... but they keep making more unnecessary laws, taking more private property rights/gun rights away, intruding into our lives more, increasing our taxes, growing OUR govt, hiring more govt workers to monitor and punish us, & over-regulating us !!!!
The 3 long standing members(Noll, Sheppard, & Zaremba) need to be stopped.......by us holding them accountable for what they are doing ... If we do not show up in mass, tonight they will see it as an endorsement & KEEP UP "BUSINESS AS USUAL".... We must speak up and expose their actions for what they are.........liberal and against what we as conservatives desire ...
So even if you have never been before, make this your first time ....You don't have to speak, but your presence will be felt...............we have to turn the tide in York County...
See you there ,
Greg Garrett
Cell: 757-879-150>

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Dear Friend,
There is time to talk and a time to show where you stand.... NOW is the time to do one or both !!!
2 Important issues are being decided Tuesday Night at the York County Board of Supervisors meeting..at 6:00 pm.
Location: York Hall at 301 Main Street in Downtown Yorktown
ISSUE #1: Repealing the York County Firearms Discharge Ordinance
I assume you will be in favor of repealing the restrictive York Co Firearms Discharge Ordinance.
Please read the attached position paper from our York Co Sheriff, Danny Diggs.
ISSUE #2: Disbanding the York Co Wetlands Bd
I hope you will support other concerned waterfront homeowners to disband the Wetlands Bd. This board represents what every conservative should hate.... Big Govt, govt intervention into our private lives, govt waste, over regulation, unnecessary delays, anti-private property rights, too many layers of govt....
GG's comments: I am a conservationist, and l love the Ches Bay...This Board has constantly & unnecessarily punished our waterfront homeowners, and is unneeded to clean up the Bay...The state mandated VMRC regulates and controls this same portion of all waterfront homeowners' property. Plus, disbanding the Wetlands Board will save York Co taxpayers considerable money each year, while eliminating this "lightning rod of hate and discontent".
Two Daily Press Articles on the subjects are at the bottom of this email for you to read more details on both issues.
If any person cannot attend, I would encourage that you send an email to each member of the BOS.
Greg Garrett
Cell: 757-879-1504

Sheriff Wants Repeal Of Gun Discharge Rules

June 5, 2010
Byline: Jon Cawley
York‑Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs, a gun‑rights advocate, has weighed in on the ongoing debate over York County's gun discharge ordinance.
Diggs wants to chuck the whole thing.
The York County Board of Supervisors plans to revisit the issue on June 15 with another public hearing on the topic. Some supervisors have recently questioned whether the ordinance should stay on the books.
Discussions regarding proposed amendments to further restrict where and what types of guns can be fired in the county have been ongoing for well over a year since dove hunters legally shooting on private property prompted a lockdown at a neighboring elementary school.
In an e‑mail to York resident Greg Garrett, Diggs laid out his position in a four‑page statement.
"First, any restriction on the use of a firearm is a potential infringement of the Second Amendment and should be considered very carefully," Diggs wrote.
He said existing county policy that allows homeowner associations to petition the Board of Supervisors to be placed on a list of neighborhoods where any firearm discharges are illegal.
"It may be reasonable for associations to make rules for parking, trash or some other rule that governs day‑to‑day living, but giving the power to any association to infringe upon the Second Amendment" rights, or any other constitutional rights, Diggs said, "should be unlawful itself."
Perhaps more importantly, Diggs stated that in more than 10 years, no one has been charged under the county ordinance.
In the past 3 1/2 years, six arrests have been made following calls that started as "shots fired." All six were charged under existing state law ‑ three for reckless handling of a firearm, one for brandishing, one for carrying a concealed weapon and another for being drunk in public, Diggs wrote.
Diggs also questioned whether the discharge rules can be fairly enforced.
* Contact Jon Cawley at 247‑4635 or jcawley@dailypress.com

Also if you want to hear more:

from communist Tamera Dietrich, Gun groups vs. the Big Bad Thing

York could disband wetlands board

Supervisor Thomas Shepperd says the board is "lightning rod for hate and discontent"

The York County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider disbanding its wetlands board, a group one politician described as a "lightning rod for hate and discontent."

The controversial move, which could be a first in Virginia, would cede control of waterfront development to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

The seven-member wetlands board, appointed to staggered terms by county supervisors, guides land use along low-lying areas of the Chesapeake Bay. It's the first regulatory stop homeowners make when planning to build a pier, bulkhead, or other structures near the water.

Over the years, the board has drawn the ire of citizens, including real estate agent Greg Garrett and marine contractor Robert "Sid" Holloway, who argue its members don't properly enforce state codes.
"The board is known for its hostile treatment and abuse of waterfront property owners," said Holloway, also a member of the grassroots group, York County Waterways Alliance.

At the center of the dispute is Adam Frisch, who, with nearly 22 years of experience, is the board's most tenured member. Frisch works as the county's head of computer support services, which Garrett views as a conflict of interest.

"He's a county employee evaluating his peers," said Garrett, who previously appeared before the board to install bulkheads on his shoreline.

Frisch did not return phone calls Thursday or Friday. County Attorney James Barnett said there is no conflict of interest because Frisch's job does not intersect with the wetlands board.

Garrett and Holloway said the county would be better served by the commission, which overseas Virginia's waterways. Supervisor Thomas Shepperd disagrees. The state agency has too many duties, including marine police and fisheries management, to focus on York County, he said.

Commission spokesman John M.R. Bull said the agency typically oversees 2,500 cases a year, a load that includes everything from river dredging to planting oyster reefs. The commission meets monthly, during the day, and in downtown Newport News. Bull said he was unaware of any other locality that has dismissed its wetlands board.

The wetlands board, which has a $4,000 budget, is more convenient because it meets in county offices and during the evening, Shepperd said. It also isn't as busy, holding a handful of public hearings last year, he said.

York residents can appear before the commission, but only after the wetlands board denies their request. Appeal are rare, Shepperd said, suggesting most residents are satisfied with the board. Garrett countered that most residents don't have the time or money to hire engineers and, possibly, lawyers to appeal.

Further complicating the matter is an April 1 letter County Administrator James McReynolds sent to the wetlands board. The letter says supervisors intend to "abolish" the board because they do not want it held "responsible for enforcing state regulations and requirements." McReynolds could not be reached for comment Thursday or Friday.

Shepperd said he hopes Tuesday's vote will alleviate some of the controversy surrounding the board.

"It has been a lightning rod for hate and discontent," he said.

Want to go?

The York County Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday whether to disband their wetlands board giving control to the Virginia Marine Resouces Commission. The meeting is in the board room of York Hall at 6 p.m.

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