Sunday, June 13, 2010


Dear Friend,
There is time to talk and a time to show where you stand.... NOW is the time to do one or both !!!
2 Important issues are being decided Tuesday Night at the York County Board of Supervisors 6:00 pm.
Location: York Hall at 301 Main Street in Downtown Yorktown
ISSUE #1: Repealing the York County Firearms Discharge Ordinance
I assume you will be in favor of repealing the restrictive York Co Firearms Discharge Ordinance.
Please read the attached position paper from our York Co Sheriff, Danny Diggs.
ISSUE #2: Disbanding the York Co Wetlands Bd
I hope you will support other concerned waterfront homeowners to disband the Wetlands Bd. This board represents what every conservative should hate.... Big Govt, govt intervention into our private lives, govt waste, over regulation, unnecessary delays, anti-private property rights, too many layers of govt....
GG's comments: I am a conservationist, and l love the Ches Bay...This Board has constantly & unnecessarily punished our waterfront homeowners, and is unneeded to clean up the Bay...The state mandated VMRC regulates and controls this same portion of all waterfront homeowners' property. Plus, disbanding the Wetlands Board will save York Co taxpayers considerable money each year, while eliminating this "lightning rod of hate and discontent".
Two Daily Press Articles on the subjects are at the bottom of this email for you to read more details on both issues.
If any person cannot attend, I would encourage that you send an email to each member of the BOS.
Greg Garrett
Cell: 757-879-1504

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