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Last night the York County Board of Supervisors voted to repeal their discharge bans and let state law rule!

The only fly in the ointment was that they did decide to keep a ban on discharging rifles that are greater than .22 caliber.

The York County Sheriff, Danny Diggs, did a fantastic job in standing up for gun owners in front of the Board of Supervisors and deserves the lion's share of credit for this victory.

Around 30 gun owners showed up and around 4 antis.  Significantly, no one from a Home Owners Association was there.

The vote was broken into two parts:  repealing the ban on discharge of rifles that are greater than .22 caliber and repealing all other discharge bans, including discharging a gun in and around a subdivision (state law would prevail and there would be no issue if such discharge was done safely).

Here is my impression of the Board members in this matter:

Walter Zaremba - voted wrong both times and fell flat when he tried to use logic to lay down the groundwork for his anti-gun vote

Sheila Noll - knew she couldn't stop the .22 caliber rifle restriction from being lifted if it was voted on in conjunction with lifting the other restrictions, so she pushed for the TWO votes .  As gun owners talked, she bobbed her head up and down like she understood what they were saying, but at the end of the day she voted wrong on both items.  I am now thinking she was just working a kink out in her neck

Donald Wiggins (chairman) - voted correctly on both items.  Some of his comments originally made me uncomfortable as to how he was going to vote, but he came through in the end.  He also voted to NOT have a separate vote on the .22 caliber rifle limitation

George Hrichak - the quietest one on the Board, but the one who really understands freedom.  He pushed to not have a separate vote on the .22 caliber rifle limitation, too

Thomas Sheppard Jr - I thought he might support both repeals, but in the end voted wrong on the .22 caliber rifle limitation.  He pushed with Ms. Noll to have the two votes, instead of just one.

What was really frustrating is that NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED with violating the .22 caliber rifle restriction, but three of the five board members voted to keep it any how.  The three votes to keep that restriction were politics at its worst:  keeping up an illusion that they were still doing "something" to "protect" their constituents, while actually oppressing those who are law abiding.

Anyway, this was still an important victory for York County - we can come back to get rid of that .22 caliber rifle restriction later.

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