Sunday, August 12, 2012

Concerned Citizens of the Historic Triangle

York Citizens

The York Concerned Citizens Forum Planners forward this message from a group called the Concerned Citizens of the Historic Triangle.  The group was formed to counter the collaborative effort of the localities to continue the abuse of our property rights and expenditure of tax dollars.

This group attends the Board of Supervisor meetings and the planning meetings. A small group of York County citizens have been participating, but the group is seeking a larger coalition  to protect our property rights and continue this vigil.

Please visit their webb page: <>
If you are interested in joining in this effort contact Mary Leedom at:

Please note the story about the citizen in James City County trying to be allowed backyard chickens and sign his petition.

In Victory
Mary Leedom

This is your country - get involved

This isn't about Right vs. Left...or Blue vs. Red....or Republican vs. Democrat


.....  and how our government, through planning and under the guise of

environmentalism is grinding away at our property rights and our


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