Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sharon Hrichak Update

Thanks, we appreciate the support!
I was surprised when I saw Sharon yesterday. Langley’s been taking great care of her, she’s in a nice private room, and she’s met with a physical therapist, and several doctors. They have her on a mix of meds that keeps the pain down, without giving her nausea, and actually allows her to try and get around with her walker. She also gave herself several shots of fast acting blood thinner to dissolve the clot and is taking Cumadin to prevent further blood clots.  She used a walker to get from the bed to the shower, we were finally able to get all the glass shards off of her from the accident on Monday. After that she went from the bed to a chair for lunch and back. I was encouraged by her progress!
She enjoyed seeing several visitors yesterday and they gave her a new crime fighting costume for when she’s released (see attached picture) so she can continue apprehending fugitives from the law, although she does have to slightly modify her technique!
The hospital is releasing Sharon to come home this afternoon, then it will be weeks of physical therapy learning to walk again.
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Sharon Hrichak is home.  There is a fracture in the left-side of her pelvis, and a second fracture in her jaw.  It was determined she didn’t need surgery, so the hospital discharged her, yesterday.  

She can’t move to get up, and can barely move to sit up.  She is in excruciating pain, but does have pain medication.  Because she is pretty much confined to bed, her primary care physician is recommending a home health aide, nurse, or some assistance.  

They are pretty much taking it morning to afternoon, and George will let us know how/when anyone can help.

Prayers are most powerful, at this point.

Thanks, and God Bless.

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