Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FW: Budget and Property Tax Increase

Forwarded at Mr. Denkert's request. All citizen input is welcome.


positions are welcome
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From: Jim Denkert <yorktownva@me.com>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 18:33:11 -0400
To: Hrichak George <hrichak@yorkcounty.gov>, Noll Sheila
<noll@yorkcounty.gov>, "Wiggins, Don" <wiggins@yorkcounty.gov>,
"Walt@zarembalaw.com" <Walt@zarembalaw.com>, "shepperd@yorkcounty.gov"
Cc: The Tuscany Forum <thetuscanyforum@cox.net>
Subject: Budget and Property Tax Increase

Dear BoS,

This is always a tough discussion and I don't envy you your position. I'm
sure there are some people hoping the full property tax increase goes
through. That said, I must stand with and for the lower tax group of
citizens. I am asking the Tuscany Forum to forward this email to all

During the housing boom of the early-mid 2K's, our York County BoS told us
that higher property taxes were justified because we were all reaping the
benefits of higher home values. Then when the balloon popped, taxes were
lowered a rather minuscule amount as compared to the previous several years
of increases. And now it appears the BoS may well vote to wipe out
virtually all of the recent reductions in one fell swoop. Frankly it
appears that maintaining the power and size of the York County government as
an entity has become more important than the citizens it - and the BoS - is
supposed to represent. This budget increase sends a clear message to all
York County property owners that the BoS believes it is now impossible to
reduce the size of our county government.

In light of the upcoming vote I would like to pose a few questions to each
of you and respectfully ask for an answer from each of you. I am by no
means a spokesman for this group but I do believe I'm safe in saying these
same questions are on many of our minds. For those of you who will vote no
on the increase a profound Thank You!

If you intend to vote for the increase:

Do you believe that our county government is now the right overall size in
terms of budget and personnel? If so, please explain why you feel this way.

Why were the only cuts that were proposed in any discussion of maintaining
the current property taxes, involved only cuts to core services.

Why do you believe it is more important for York County to take this money
from it's citizens to maintain the size and scope of the county government
than it is for the citizens to keep what we have earned?

Do you believe there is any area of the proposed budget that could or should
be reduced? If so, what are you doing to pursue a potential reduction?

If this increase is passed, do you believe we will ever be able to reduce
the size and cost of our county government?

I do not mean any of these questions as "gotchas". Rather I see them as an
absolutely integral part of any discussion about a tax increase, especially
one of this magnitude. If you honestly believe this tax increase is the
right thing for York County, then so be it. In that case I hope you will
defend it. At least we'll all know where we stand.

I look forward to hearing from each of you. Thank you!

Jim Denkert

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